Guide to CSOS Applications:
Community Scheme Dispute Resolution

This website explains the purpose of the Community Schemes Ombud Service (the “CSOS”), the types of claims it can consider and it guides you through the process of preparing a dispute resolution application.

CSOS Information
and Terms

Learn more about the CSOS, its purpose, function, and the services it offers.

There is a list of the special terms used by the CSOS staff and in applications.

Application Guide for Dispute Resolution

The CSOS legislation has 7 categories of application, and the guide covers 34 different types of order.

Use the guide to learn more about the type of order you should apply for.

Dispute Resolution Application Forms

Ready to make an application to the CSOS? Go to the application forms page to get the necessary forms.

The forms can be downloaded or sent to your inbox, and you can insert your application information online.

Not needing all the information – do you want to start compiling your CSOS Application for Dispute Resolution Form?

We have put together examples of suggested wording for certain dispute resolution applications. Use the button below to see these.