How can Paddocks assist?

This page will help you navigate the resources available on this website, as well as provide information regarding additional Paddocks resources.

Application guide

General information on CSOS, unpacking, and examples, of the orders CSOS can grant, explanations on late applications – have a look at all the resources we’ve included in this application guide.


Not sure if your matter qualifies for CSOS? Struggling with your application, or concerned about your upcoming hearing? Our highly qualified and experienced consultants are ready to assist you.


Other than the Dispute Resolution in Community Schemes short course, Paddocks offers a wide range of courses to upskill individuals involved in community schemes.

Other resources

Books, articles, Sectional Titles Online, the Paddocks Newsletter, Blog, and FAQs to name a few. Have a look at all the other (sometimes free) resources Paddocks offers.