In addition to giving opinions, Graham and Jennifer Paddock can assist in drafting your CSOS-related documents, act as arbitrators or give you general advice on Paddocks Club.


Drafting CSOS Applications And Responses: We’ll take your instructions, examine the background documentation and draft your application or your submission in response to an application, setting out your arguments with references to any relevant court cases, legal texts, and articles that support your claims.

Arbitration – The Non-CSOS Dispute Resolution Method: We’re also available to arbitrate disputes for parties who all choose not to use the CSOS’ services. Our  awards can be made an order of the High Court. Our service is more expensive than the CSOS, but you will get a properly reasoned award by an expert in the field, and an appropriate costs order.


An online community operated by Graham and Jennifer Paddock. In the Discussion Forum you can ask general questions and get advice on issues that arise in scheme management. We don’t give opinions, review or draft documents, but discuss and answer your questions.

Apart from the Discussion forum, the club has a BOOKS tab that includes the full text of five Paddocks books; A LEGISLATION tab that offers the full text of of relevant legislation; A CASE LAW tab that to which we add court cases and CSOS orders; as well as tabs for  TUTORIALS, NEWSLETTERS, our LIBRARY and a NAVIGATOR that lets you quickly locate provisions in the STSM Act, its regulations and rules.