Financial issues

What type of financial order do you want? One giving an…

Order that the scheme must take out insurance or increase its cover
Use this when the scheme has failed or refused to take out cover, or sufficient cover, that you think is required in the best interests of all owners.

Order that the scheme must make a claim or take some other action under its insurance policy
Use this when the scheme fails or refuses to take some action under a policy that you think is in the interests of the scheme or of owners generally.

Order that a contribution (levy) calculation, or the way it must be paid is wrong or unreasonable, and ordering it corrected
Use this when you think that your contribution (levy) is not properly calculated or is unreasonable.

Order that the association must have its accounts audited
Use this when the scheme has failed or refused to have its accounts audited, when it should do so.

Order for the payment or re-payment of a contribution (levy) or other amount
Use this whenever you believe the association or some other owner owes you money arising from the administration of the scheme.

Order that a tenant pay rental to the scheme
Use this when an owner is not paying contributions (levies), but there is a tenant in the property paying the owner rental.

Order as to how expropriation compensation must be shared out
Use this when a part of the scheme has been expropriated and the owners cannot all agree on what share of the payout should go to each owner.