Physical issues

What type of physical order do you want? One involving…

Order requiring the scheme to carry out repairs and/or maintenance
Use this when you have tried to get the scheme to do what you consider necessary repairs or maintenance—either in a private or a common area— and it has failed or refused to do so.

Order requiring the scheme or an owner to do general repairs or compensate you for the cost of doing repairs
Use this when you need the scheme or another owner to do repairs or to pay you the cost you incurred to do those repairs, either in your private area or on a common area.

Order that the scheme must do, or not do, work on a common area
Use this when you disagree with a scheme decision to either do work or not to do work on a part of the common areas in the scheme.

Order overturning an unreasonable scheme rejection of a proposal to do an alternation or improvement to a common area
Use this when you can show that the objection to an improvement proposal was unreasonable and you want the negative decision reversed so that the improvement can go ahead.

Order requiring scheme to acquire, not acquire or to dispose of property
Use this when you think the scheme has made the wrong decision to buy, sell or lease certain property, for example for the use or convenience of owners.

Order that a person reasonbly requires exclusive use rights to part of the common area and granting those rights
Use this when you believe that a person should be entitled to use a part of the common area exclusively, and take on the associated obligations.

Order that an owner or occupier must accept common area obligations
Use this when you believe an owner or occcupier should be obliged to accept obligations in respect of a part of the common area.